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We recently had our air conditioning unit and furnace replaced by Red Star. We have been patrons of theirs for a few years. They gave us top pricing. Jay, Miles and Jose the installers, were extremely professional and they did a very clean job too. I highly recommend Red Star as they are honest and very professional.

Linda A.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Our old AC system was trash. The good folks at Red Star made it all better. Carlos, Amber, Joe, Jay, Miles, and Julio, just flat fixed us up. We needed help and this company was there for us. Carlos took a personal interest in ensuring I and my family got the very best a contractor could offer. Their experience as a President's class Carrier dealer and service organization is proof positive regarding their extensive knowledge and ability as a premier HVAC contractor. No corners are cut, only quality materials are used, work is quick and efficient, and cleaned up neat as a pin after. Are these folks the cheapest out there? I have no idea and don't care. Red Star's pricing for the quality of work is competitive and the value is evident in the team's service delivery. I don't know yet what routine maintenance plans Red Star recommends, but I'll ask Carlos to advise what's best, he'll honestly answer any questions I have, and then I'll ask him to sign me up.Seriously - just use Red Star Cooling and Heating. If you have to spend good money, you might as well get the work quality and service you deserve.

Bill Keim Avatar
Bill Keim

Great customer service and professionalism!!

George Parchmont Avatar
George Parchmont

very accommodating and professional . would recommend and use them again ----

carolyn willians Avatar
carolyn willians

The technician was very knowledgeable and professional . Would definitely recommend Red Star to anyone. Superb Service!

Cynthia Harris Avatar
Cynthia Harris

Joe and Michael are professional, personable and knowledgeable ! But, most of all, we TRUST them to be honest with their evaluations and suggestions. Very well run company ! Highly recommended to anyone !!!

Paul Moet Avatar
Paul Moet

Ryan went above and beyond God's blessing

Jennifer Tavernier Avatar
Jennifer Tavernier

Ever since they installed my central air and heating unit 8-years ago, I have relied on Red Star to keep it running in tip-top condition.

Ronnie Lewis Avatar
Ronnie Lewis

These guys are great! Carlos Rivera, the Operations Manager, worked several different options to come up with the best solution for my situation and, finally, gave me a really good deal overall. The installation was very professional and on time. I can't say enough good things about this outfit.

Steve Snider Avatar
Steve Snider

Initially spoke with Joe the owner and then met with Carlos regarding the downstairs furnace giving issues. I can't say enough good things about how amazing their office has treated me. Carlos was so knowledgeable and detailed about the various options available and working with me on a quote, I truly valued his insight. Went ahead and had the system replaced at my parents house with Red Star and the service has been phenomenal so far, feels as if Joe and Carlos are family at this point. I would not hesitate for a second to give Red Star a call for any of your HVAC needs, these guys truly value their customers. Thank you Joe & Carlos! A shoutout to Amber and Chelsea as well :)

Sam K Avatar
Sam K

Excellent service. Price is very reasonable. Thanks

Jim Farmer Avatar
Jim Farmer

Red Star Has the nicest courteous quality service men possible. They work hard, appear on time, are dressed well and clean, and speak well. Whether service or replacement, can't be beat. I use Red Star for three houses.

don johnson Avatar
don johnson

Carlos was very personable, punctual and knowledgeable. He explained the problem and suggested a new system since ours was a dinosaur!! Tomorrow we will have a new system completely installed, One can't ask for better service than that...Kudos Carlos and Red Star.

keineth svatek Avatar
keineth svatek

We have been having trouble with our heating system since the first of November 2019. After doing business with another company who failed to correctly inspect our Carrier, and instead suggested a new system and replaced parts that were not needed, Ryan Johnson of Red Star Cooling and Heating was phenomenal! Being that he is a Carrier trained technician, Ryan quickly got to the root of our heater's problem. He introduced himself upon arrival at our door and was respectful. He was eager to get to work on our system and stuck with it until it was resolved. He is smart and applied his working knowledge of the Carrier system exceptionally well with positive results. Visually, Ryan could see when things where not correct and made adjustments as needed. He was also familiar to the sounds (clicks) our heater makes to ensure that it was running correctly. He was very thorough, re-inspected his work and re-attached the panels and cleaned up afterward. After Ryan's work was complete, and our heater was running, he made meticulous notes and gave me feedback regarding our system. He was transparent regarding pricing and cost for parts. As it turns out, we do not need to spend $$$ on a new system nor were the new parts necessary. So happy we called Red Star Cooling and Heating! Ryan is now our permanent Carrier technician.

P Miner Avatar
P Miner

I must say that my experience with Red Star Cooling and Heating was the most pleasant encounter I have had in a long time when it comes to dealing with a home repair.From the start, the reasonable pricing was agreed upon based on the knowledgeable explanation of industry facts that were presented.Responsiveness and punctuality were never an issue, they were on time, every time, and the work was completed as scheduled.The caring attitude and professionalism of the employees, on-site and in the office, was superb. This was a result of the excellent team work displayed by the team (Joe Diaz, Chelsey, Ryan, and the installation team) throughout the process. Job well done.Thank you very much,Junius

joe midnight Avatar
joe midnight

Amazungly patient and cool in a crisis. They go out of their way to assist and get us back to normal. Hot or cold air issues these folks. Never will i go elsewhere for my heating and cooling issues

Donna Black Avatar
Donna Black

Had the heater checked for winter and added an ordered part. Great service and ordered part installed without any problems. Will use their services again. M

Mike Casey Avatar
Mike Casey

This was my 1st time using RSC&H. The technician (Ryan) arrived right on time and conducted a thorough inspection of my HVAC unit. His knowledge and professionalism was very welcomed, vs others I've used prior. I have now transferred my "maintenance plan" over to RCS&H and indeed will use them for any further needs. Fair pricing & great service !!!!

Gardner Seaholm Avatar
Gardner Seaholm

excellent service

Cesar Ortega Avatar
Cesar Ortega

Joe Diaz has the best sales team and office staff, they all go above and beyond to make sure every customer is happy and taken care of..Such an amazing team!!!!

Catherine Dean Avatar
Catherine Dean

I am so thankful for Red Star!! I have their maintenance contract now. They have been taking care of my AC repair and maintenance needs for several years now. Most recently my unit outside packed up on Sunday. They had replaced the attic unit a few years ago with the forethought and preparation that some day we would have to do the outside unit so it was forward compatible. I am a single mom and am so thankful for all the ways they work to save me money and make things work better and longer and together! They came out yesterday and worked all afternoon and into the evening in the heat and got us up and running again. Even installed a fancy new wifi thermostat to bring me in to the modern times. All at a super great price!! :) The one I had was probably 30 years old or more. Today I sit in the cool to write up this review. Thank you, Red Star!!

julitx715 Avatar

We called him after we lost our AC right after an electrical event momentarily interrupted our electrical source. The technician suggested to us to test the fuse which we did and it didn't help. When we called him back it said he could the next day. He showed up bright and early and fixed the system. He did not charge us the the call because we are a service customer. He did excellent work. We inspected both AC and Heat. Since we are a service customer, there was no charge

Jane Avatar

Joe and Nicholas and their team have always done a great job --10+ years.

Maria Jordan Avatar
Maria Jordan

Using Red Star for over 6 years at over 5 locations and tell all my friends. Much appreciated to have someone that can be trusted!

Andy Robbins Avatar
Andy Robbins

Despite living well outside their trade area, Red Star Cooling & Heating has serviced our HVAC equipment for a number of years. We have consistently found Joe Diaz and his staff to be reliable, knowledgeable, honest, and conscientious. Because of these qualities, we plan to use their services for years to come.

Stephen Broadus Avatar
Stephen Broadus

Red Star is awesome!!!! Had a problem with a new upstairs AC unit not coming on and gave them a call. Joey and I think Rob helped me diagnos the problem over the phone and talked me through a easy repair till I can get the installers of the new AC to come and do maintenance. Thanks Guys. When the warranty runs out I will be giving these guys a call.

James Perry Avatar
James Perry

They know what they’re doing! Needed a second opinion and they were fast in getting me one. Customer service is great! Prices are great, can’t beat them!

Sandra Castrejon Avatar
Sandra Castrejon

Excellent services !!-Carlos (tech)-Jay(installer)-Matthew(helper)Thank you so much!!!

Pali Sorn-nong Avatar
Pali Sorn-nong

Our ac went out on Saturday and I called Red Star on Sunday and spoke to the owner directly and he answered all the questions I had and sent Carlos out almost immediately to check on our ac unit. Carlos was very kind and knowledgeable and explained to us in detail what was going on with the unit. When our unit went out again on Tuesday, Carlos came back and diagnosed the problem and thoroughly explained the quote given to us. When we agreed to go forward with repairs, we were given 2 portable ac coolers until the work could be done the next day which was amazing of them to do given we have 2 small children and the temperature inside our home was 85 degrees. Jay came at the exact time that our appointment was set and was also friendly and courteous. We cannot thank Red Star enough for getting our ac back up and running and will recommend them to anyone who may need ac work done in the future! Y’all are awesome!

Melissa Zamarron Avatar
Melissa Zamarron

Our A/C unexpectedly stopped blowing cold air on a Saturday. We called Joe on Sunday morning and he sent a tech out (Carlos) almost immediately. We didn’t have to wait long. We were more than happy to pay a fee to receive service on a Sunday but other companies were wanting to charge $150 or more. The fee from Red Star was less than half of that. Carlos came out and was very professional and knowledgeable. He explained exactly what was wrong and was completely transparent about the pricing and materials used. We’ve had A/C work at our home before and found out later that we paid for parts and service we didn’t need so it was reassuring to see Carlos explain everything required so we could understand and make an informed decision. Thank you to Carlos and Joe for running an honest and reputable company and I’ve already chatted with Carlos about having them complete another zoning project for us in the near future. Highly recommend Carlos, Joe, and Red Star Cooling & Heating!

Frank Bauman Avatar
Frank Bauman

Excellent service and they are on time and clean up after their work. We had a room that would not cool and they solved our issue.

Scott Largent Avatar
Scott Largent

Great service competitive pricing. Techs very knowledgeable. Great company.

Jim Osborne Avatar
Jim Osborne

Great experience. Would recommend!

David Bierma Avatar
David Bierma

Excellent all-around. Highly recommend.Office personnel (Amber, Joe) and technician (Carlos) were prompt, professional and simply a pleasure to deal with. Amber set up the appointment right away and noted my specific requests. Carlos took his time to show and explain to me all the actual readings as compared to recommended and did a very thorough inspection and tune-up. One of my best experiences with a tradesman. Joe followed up immediately and provided a fully detailed invoice.

Regina Baudat Avatar
Regina Baudat

Top notch service. Our technician, Carlos was very knowledgeable and explained everything in an easy to understand way. No pressure to do more than what was needed plus provided information for future consideration.

Ron Droll Avatar
Ron Droll

Carlos was early which I definitely appreciated especially since the temp in my house was 90° the previous day. He checked the thermostat ,went up into the attic and outside to check my AC unit. He informed me of what the problem was and thankfully had the parts on hand to fix the issue. I recommend Red Star Cooling and Heating 100%!Update:I had to contact Red Star and have Carlos come back out two days later because I started to experience the same problem (my AC unit was on but it wasn't blowing cool air). It was determined that the valves were leaking so sealant was placed around their rims and ten pounds of Freon (some coolant or something) was replenished. I did ask Carlos if he checked the valves on Monday when he was here and he said yes, so I'm not sure what happened to them. He was still pleasant and professional and asked that I follow up with him over the next few days so he could make sure everything continues to work properly.

One Blessed Aquarius Avatar
One Blessed Aquarius

My AC wasn’t working so I called them to come look at it. Well.. after checking everything they told me the wiring was not done properly and they will charge me $300 to do it. I said okay. After they got the wiring right, they said we got the wiring right but it’s stillnot working. They gave me 2 options.. change 2 components inside my AC for which they will charge me $1400 or change the whole unit as it’s “too old” and for that they quoted me $3400. After hearing these prices I let them go. A day later I called another AC guy by referral and he came in told me some fuses were bad and he changed them.. charged me $180 and my AC is working fine. So these people were gonna charge me 1400 bucks and change components that don’t even need to be changed.. wow. Very unprofessional and didn’t know what they were talking about.

Damn Daniel. Avatar
Damn Daniel.

Great service!!!! A/C tech Ryan knew what he was doing. He was not only fast but on time. Will be using this company again.

Terrell James Avatar
Terrell James

I found this company on Google. Nicholas was awesome and patient. He took the time to video and explain what he was doing. Great job 👍 from start to finish. I would and will highly recommend this company to friends and neighbors.

Claudette Avatar

Red Star Cooling & Heating did an amazing job on my annual maintenance inspection. Specifically, Carlos Rivera Jr (Retired U.S. Navy Senior Chief) Crawled through my attic with great agility given his large 6'5" frame. He found problems and provided solutions I would have not thought of without expert guidance and the advantage of his keen eye and experience. The bottom line is the bottom line and although I have significant needs, I am completely committed to using Red Star as my solution provider on a purchase I would normally want to shop around for. It is great to have a business like Red Star who I really feel is partnering with my family to create the best value and resource for comfortable and efficient living in this little place we call home.

Robert Reid Avatar
Robert Reid

Look no further for your heat and air needs. Red Star has competitive pricing and superb customer service. You can trust them to have your interest in mind. Thank you Red Star for a job well done!

Rodney Snelgrooes Avatar
Rodney Snelgrooes

Red Star has been our AC/Heating Company for years. We have always been treated courteously, received fair prices for excellent work (small repair work to large system replacement projects). Ryan and his crew were out today, nothing has changed. Still treated courteously, received a fair price for excellent work. It's great when you can find a local family owned company you can count on!

Monica Lopez Avatar
Monica Lopez

Don’t normally leave reviews, But I would like to thank Ryan at red star cooling and heating. I’m a care taker for the elderly and when my clients air conditioning went down, Ryan was there within hours found the issue gave a great price for a full replacement. He had his people out the next day without any delay. Thank you Ryan and the whole red star company. Highly recommended.

Sherill Dubose Avatar
Sherill Dubose

Prompt service. Solid information, good prices. They did a great job.

kait burns Avatar
kait burns

Red Star is the best company we’ve found for heating and AC services. They recently installed a mini-split system for much less than the other estimates we received. Ryan and his crew were professional and efficient and completed the job in a day. Then, after the job, Joe the owner followed up to make sure our expectations were met. Then we had Ryan come back to service our old units and install new thermostats. He went above and beyond all at a fair price. We will definitely continue to use Red Star for our AC needs and highly recommend them.

sandra young Avatar
sandra young

Great customer service and prompt response. Everything was explained and we were walked through the process. Their price and customer service can't be beat. We highly recommend this company.

Millie Longoria Avatar
Millie Longoria

We needed to replace our 20 year old AC/furnace system. Joe came out and gave a very thorough explanation of what he recommended and his estimate was fair and competitive. On the day of our installation his crew arrived at 9 and were done by one that afternoon. The installers were very courteous and professional. We won't hesitate to recommend Joe and the Red Star team to anyone needing help with their AC or heat.

Charles Windmeyer Avatar
Charles Windmeyer

The company and experience was top notch. The representative was extremely knowledgeable, honest and they provide great products and service. The went the extra mile to make sure everything was right.

Daniel Kenny Avatar
Daniel Kenny

We had just purchased our house and found out the previous owner had not done preventative maintenance. We had a big issue with our HVAC system. Ryan and team turned a bad situation into a good experience. Ryan evaluated the problem, made a recommendation and scheduled service quickly. We couldn't be happier with their service! Redstar is a fair and honest company and I highly recommend them.

Karen N Avatar
Karen N

Our upstairs heater quit working and we checked it for obvious causes with no luck. Contacted Red Star and Ryan came within a few hours. He discovered it was the circuit board and was able to buy one nearby and return to install it. He was professional and efficient. It was a costly service though likely competitive with peers in this area. I would use again as we felt Ryan and the company were honest which is of the utmost importance to all consumers since we rely on the trustworthiness of all service suppliers.

Tom LaRock Avatar
Tom LaRock

After getting sceptic with the first Company we consulted for our heating problem, we were thankful to found Red Star as being a positive experience, from Estimate to Service, recommendable!

Melanie Mittelstaedt Avatar
Melanie Mittelstaedt

My tech was Ryan. He was very pleasant upon his arrival. Asked me a few questions and got right to it. I had 2 previous techs come from a completely different company and the issue was not resolved. He not only fixed what was wrong with my furnace but was very informative. I will use him again regarding any future issues. I felt confident in his expertise 7 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Christina Jacobs Avatar
Christina Jacobs

Great job finding the problem with the AC unit. Was fixed quickly. Technician was very, very helpful.

NA M Avatar

Quick to respond, excellent diagnosis and impeccable installation. I highly recommend the RedStar team.

Simon Eastwick Avatar
Simon Eastwick

In three words I’ll describe this company. 1 Responsive - They made it to my house within a couple hrs of calling. 2 Knowledgeable - I called and told them I wanted a quote on a new system as a previous repair man had told me 1200$ to fix a bunch of stuff like a burned up motor, Freon leak, etc. So it’s a 15 yr unit I figure and probably better to replace than put 1200 into a maybe. Eric the RED STAR man shows up to check it out and quote me on a new unit. But no burned up motor no Freon leak. Could have sold me a whole new unit but 110.00 out the door and cold air is blowing! 3 Honest - First guy cost me 60 bucks to get a 1200$ bid. Do yourself a favor and call these guys! Glad I did and once the old girl dies I know who I’m going to call.

David Sissel Avatar
David Sissel

I've never worked with such a customer-friendly AC company that recognizes AC repairs in the Texas heat as an urgent need for families. I called the 24/7 line at 11:00 PM at night in July expecting to just leave a message for the office to call me in the morning. However, someone answered the line and set me up with an appointment for the next morning from 8-10. They then offered to bring a portable AC unit to keep us comfortable for the evening. Someone came by after midnight and set up the portable unit to keep us comfortable until they arrived the next morning at 8:30 AM. The capacitor was replaced within minutes to get the unit cooling, and further repairs happened later in the day. The portable unit was set up at no charge as a courtesy for working with them. Everyone I spoke to and worked with was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Red Star has an excellent team, competitive pricing, rapid response time, and a dedication to customer service that I've never seen in a home repair company. I'll never call anyone else for cooling and heating needs.

Jason Sciple Avatar
Jason Sciple

We had our AC fail at 6pm, and within 30 minutes, our technician, Erika, was at the house diagnosing the problem. When we called, Nicole was helpful and bright. Erika got our crippled unit up and running again, and we would definitely use them again.

Allie Harvey Avatar
Allie Harvey

I can’t say enough about what a great job Red Star Cooling and Heating did on the installation of our mini-split/ductless AC unit! Nicole & Erika did a great job coordinating & managing everything and responding to my questions in a timely, friendly and professional manner and the installers/techs, Juan & Luis are total rockstars! They did an unbelievable job in making sure every last detail was done perfectly, they had a smile on their face and a very respectful, professional attitude the entire time! Even after working in the heat all day! After obtaining multiple quotes from Home Depot and several others, Red Star was not only the most competitive but more importantly, by far the most polite, respectful and enthusiastic about winning our business! Most of the other contractors acted as if they could take it or leave it. For me that’s a huge turn-off! However, Red Star stood out big time! When a customer is spending thousands of dollars on a service, all of these traits I’ve mentioned are very important and Red Star hit every one of them! Great group of folks to work with! We couldn’t be happier with their work and the final product! These mini-splits are awesome! It cools our finished garage very nicely!

Krest Hurley Avatar
Krest Hurley

I was very satisfied as to how fast they got to my home and the quick service. The worker Erika was knowledgeable and super nice. Very happy with this company will definitely use them again.

Julia Acosta Avatar
Julia Acosta

Amazing company. I will forever use this AC company for all my cooling & heating needs! Prompt, courteuos, knowledgeable staff and great financing options. Explained every step of the way and kept me informed. They truly have a lifelong customer here. Thank you so much for replacing my AC unit at a great cost before the summer got to bad!!

Heather Mahon Avatar
Heather Mahon

Would highly recommend calling Red Star Cooling and Heating for any type of AC problems. Great customer service and follow through. Very happy with the Team!.

Heather Humalainen Avatar
Heather Humalainen

We recently had repairs and upgrades done on our home HVAC system. The technician was very competent and professional, and completed the repairs quickly and completely. He allowed us to run the upgraded system for a full week to ensure we were fully satisfied before paying. The ten-year parts and labor warranty, and no-charge first year inspection were also a plus. After the first week he returned to the house, checked everything and even left us his phone number. We are very pleased with our decision to have Red Star, and their technician Drew, handle the work we required. If this was a ten point system, they definitely would have earned ten stars from us.

Steve M. Avatar
Steve M.

Red Star is an excellent company and I would highly recommend only using them. I've had to call them several times and they always arrive within 2 hours of my phone call and get the job done right the first time. They are also very reasonable and you will not have to worry about being ripped off. They have never been overpriced and give you plenty of options to chose from. All the workers have been very nice and friendly and I always know they are honest and will do the job right!

Lisa Smith Avatar
Lisa Smith

I have had Red Star install 3 complete systems for us. The work was top notch and professional. They.stand behind their work. They value their customers and are responsive to any needs or issues. Their prices are fair. In my book there are none better!

Craig Arrant Avatar
Craig Arrant

After 9 estimates and countless conversations with HVAC companies RED STAR won our business. I encourage you to read all of this review because it will save you a lot of time. I consistently heard from quality engineers that a system's performance is majorly based on the installation. Below is how/why we selected Red Star.We needed a new system and upon further research decided to go with a variable system. I encourage some research on the differences of single, twin, and variable. Because the variable systems are more complicated and the installation takes special knowledge. I did the due diligence of selecting the right installer. After a couple of weeks of top companies qualified to install these types of systems we had 9 bids in our hands. My goal at this point was basically to send out a RFP for a specific system, make a round of calls to negotiate with the new bids, and then one last round of calls with the best and final offers. Most new system estimates have a lot of confusing jargon but it really boils down to this (depending on your situation): 1. Outside Unit 2. Blower/Furnace (Inside Unit)3. Evaporator Coil4. Thermostat 5. Media Filter6. EVERYTHING ELSE- all required parts, whip, shutoff, surge, pad, pans, float switch, labor, etc. The "Everything Else" is where I noticed the most obvious inflation but all of these things are required and basically standard.The original bids were very different in price with the lowest and highest having an almost 6,000 difference. The highest price companies came down significantly in price throughout the process but my trust was surely lost. All companies came down in price and some got caught up in lies. It was a slow process of elimination but ultimately came down to two companies, Red Star and another. I was seriously torn but leaning towards the other company because of online ratings. With that said I didn't trust all of the reviews. I spoke with Drew, our salesmen/estimator at Red Star and ultimately with Joe the owner and trusted Red Star with the job because they were literally the only full honest company. I also should mention that their original estimate was the second lowest and ultimately the lowest. I told Drew and Joe they could start anytime as long as it was done before Thanksgiving. While talking with Joe on the phone about when to start he said, how's 9AM tomorrow? That next morning a crew showed up and removed the old system. Then a big Red Star truck delivered the system with another crew swopping in and installing it. The next crew came after that to tune and finalized the install. The process was truly amazing and operated like a well oil machine not missing a beat. Not only did they do an amazing job but they also went the extra MILES and took care of some additional issues and provided parts without cost. EXTREMELY Happy with Red Star, Joe, Drew, and all of the crew members. Thank you guys so much! Truly a company that focuses on the customer and quality. I highly recommend them for any type job. They are the best!

Matt Snead Avatar
Matt Snead

I would give 10 Stars to Red Star Cooling & Heating. The entire staff has been efficient, thorough and ahead of any potential problems. It has been like training a dog - you need to train the owner! Each person has trained us to take the best possible care of our 2 units. They went to bat for us on a unit that they installed for us as a third party and fought for us. They have helped neighbors during a time of need with Hurricane Harvey - with everything from offering trash removal to helping people to get AC while they are waiting on their insurance. They treat me like family and I honestly give them the highest recommendation possible.

Lucy Romine Avatar
Lucy Romine

Came out the same day I called. Fixed all the problems immediately. Thank you for quick work!

Elizabeth Thomas Avatar
Elizabeth Thomas

Excellent Service! I found them through the Thumbtack app on my phone and they were extremely helpful and willing to work around my schedule. The technician (Drew, who was awesome) arrived at my house at exactly the time I asked for and was able to review and fix my air conditioning issue in no time at all. I will absolutely recommend Red Star to all my family and friends and any time my system acts up, they will be getting my business no doubt about it. Thank you again Red Star!

Matthew Heltemes Avatar
Matthew Heltemes

They have helped my grandparents- in -law for years and have been nothing but amazing and helpful!

Bryon Brill Avatar
Bryon Brill

Red Star was my second opinion on a late Saturday afternoon. Not only did they correctly diagnose the issue of my A/C (which the other company's diagnosis was way off), but they saved me tons of money!!! Red Star went out of their way to help me on a late Saturday afternoon. Though they were unable to come until the next morning, I could tell that Red Star put me as their priority and tried everything they could to get a technician to my house as soon as possible. The technician was extremely polite and up-front on what was wrong with my A/C unit. After he left the company called me to check and make sure everything was ok and running smoothly.Red Star's costumer service exceeds all expectations while being extremely reasonable with their prices. I've already recommended them to my close friends and family.

Ida Yaple Avatar
Ida Yaple

Joe and the team at Redstar have always been great and have worked with us for many years. I would recommend them for AC and whole home generator, service, maintenance and repair.

Barry Calnan Avatar
Barry Calnan

I can not even explain how pleased I was with their service. My AC stopped cooling and I knew my mom's boyfriend had been using RedStar for years. They got the problem fixed immediately and were very helpful. The technician was friendly and professional and Joe was very friendly as well. I will definitely use them in the future and would gladly recommend them. Thank you RedStar!

Amanda Edlund Avatar
Amanda Edlund

My mom uses Redstar, so when I had ac problems at my house, I called them and they fixed it. They're my go to people for anything AC for 6 years now.

caesar gonzales Avatar
caesar gonzales

Wonderful Company. Great Service! Called in with a problem on a hot summer day when I know their schedule was full but Joe Diaz found time to come out and take a look. Fixed the problem in record time. Will certainly use them again.

Kathy Lacock 2 Avatar
Kathy Lacock 2

RedStar was quick to respond, fixed the problem and did it for a fantastic price! I would highly recommend using them!!

Sean Sipko Avatar
Sean Sipko

RedStar Cooling sent a young professional repair person that was kind and had patient manners. He was also respectful and explained what repairs that needed to be made and the cost. Highly recommend RedStar!

M Martinez Avatar
M Martinez

Good Response time. They answered the phone at 6:30 PM, and had a tech there the next day. Technician was GREAT. Had me up and running quickly and was very open and honest about my problem and system.

Kevin Beck Avatar
Kevin Beck

After a miscommunication with scheduling resulted in me being disappointed with this company, the owner came out and completely made things right. Great customer service. Very informative and knowledgeable. Gave me excellent information on how to maintain my systems. Above and beyond service!!! Highly recommended!!!

Keenan Hickman Avatar
Keenan Hickman

This is the first review I have written about a company, but when you find an honest and superior company you want to tell people about it. I have been a customer of Red Star Cooling & Heating for about 14 years. I called them after getting an exorbitant estimate to replace my furnace by another company. Joe Diaz, with Red Star gave a better price, better warranty, and wowed me with his professionalism and knowledge. A few years later I had him replace my old air conditioning condenser and coils. As usual the quality of work was exceptional are reasonably priced. They also go out of their way to educate the customer and find the most affordable solution to heating and air conditioning problems. Joe has come to my house after hours, when I’ve had a problem, because he is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. Yesterday my house wasn’t cooling well and Carlos Rivera Jr. came out. With the temperatures well into the 90’s, I was desperate for a solution. Rather that try to sell me a new system or quote a huge repair, Carlos explained it was a maintenance problem that was taxing my air conditioner. He showed me how dirty the air filter and condenser were, and explained in detail the steps I should take to keep my system working at top performance. He cleaned the unit and air return without charging extra. As he left he assured me that if I had any more problems he was available anytime. With something as important as heating and air conditioning it is a comfort to have a company like Red Star that is honest and treats their customers like family.

Laurie Quoyeser Avatar
Laurie Quoyeser

Unparalleled customer service!

christal eldridge Avatar
christal eldridge

We recently had our air conditioning unit and furnace replaced by Red Star. We have been patrons of theirs for a few years. They gave us top pricing. Jay, Miles and Jose the installers, were extremely professional and they did a very clean job too. I highly recommend Red Star as they are honest and very professional.

Linda Amphlett Avatar
Linda Amphlett

Great customer service and professionalism!!

Akidnamed George Avatar
Akidnamed George

My family contacted this company for repairs after noticing a water stain on the ceiling. Technician came out to house and told them they needed an entire new system which would cost $12,000. They then had another company come out and discovered that they were being lied to. Come to find out red star turned the power off to the a.c. so they had no a.c. to use. Red star told them there was no Freon in the unit and they would have to spend 1500 to have a.c. for the night. New a.c. company came out and turned a.c. power back on and discover it was actually full of freon. The water stain had nothing to do with the a.c. and the a.c. is running fine. How can people take advantage of the elderly.

Nancy Darnell Avatar
Nancy Darnell

Carlos has provided great service currently and Nicolas provided great service in the past. They are all very professional from scheduling time and providing great advice. We are very happy with our heating and cooling and the money we have saved thanks to Red Star.

Scott Williams Avatar
Scott Williams

We had a Solar Powered Attic Fan installed today. Joe Diaz did a great job and spent many hours researching fan options for us, Chelsea and Amber did a wonderful job of scheduling and re-scheduling due to the Winter Storm on Feb. 15th, and Jose and Christian did a professional and efficient install for us. Everyone at Red Star enjoys their job (obviously) and this reflects back to the owner, Joe Diaz !!! Keep up the great job, all !

Paul Moet Avatar
Paul Moet

Great service. Jay knows his craft.

marcol spurlock Avatar
marcol spurlock

My central heat developed a problem. The next day I decided that I would check it out. After checking it out I decided that I needed a professional so I called Red Star Cooling and Heating. I called the office and was given an appointment a day or two later. A coupled of hours later I was called back with an opening which I accepted. Anthony came by and diagnosed my problem. A new Furnace motor was needed. The price and time of delivery of the repair parts combined with the age and condition of current equipment had me ask about replacing the complete system. I was given a quote and I accepted. Three days later as scheduled, Jose and Cristian arrive with the equipment. After a hard day of work the system was installed and the heater was turned on. Red Star again made me a satisfied customer.

Ronnie Haws Avatar
Ronnie Haws

Fantastic experience working with Anthony, Gerardo and his team! Gathered three quotes and Red Star's was the most thorough and reliable. They weren't simply trying to sell me more than I needed. Even made suggestions the other two companies did not. They were polite, friendly, thorough, on time and very hard workers. Absolutely recommend Red Star Cooling & Heating! Thank you Anthony and Gerardo!

Micah Jones Avatar
Micah Jones

OUTSTANDING COMPANY!!! HONESTLY -- LOOK NO FURTHER AND CALL THESE GUYS!!! Red Star is a top quality turnkey professional HVAC company with fair and competitive pricing, and they will go the extra mile without charging you for every little extra thing they do. Every member of their crew were experienced, friendly, respectful, and extremely hard working. In addition to the two new top-tear AC and Heating units they installed for me and my wife, they upgraded the flow of air throughout our two-story home in Magnolia, Texas, repairing, modifying, and re-routing the original duct-work that compromised the continuity of airflow in our home. Fortunately for us, all these deign changes and recommendations were not the result of a Slick-Willie Salesman, but instead the result of the many years of acquired knowledge and experience of Red Star's owner, Joe Diaz. He very clearly and passionately laid out to us his recommendations for improvements, the features of his discounted pricing structure, and gave us educated options to choose from. My wife and I own and operate our own small business, and one of our clients recommended Joe to us, and we are so glad she did. Joe knows his business, and he did what he said he would do, and more than we even expected. So we obviously highly recommend his company to anyone in need of this type of service. Thanks again, Joe. Lisa and I have come to know you as a man of integrity, honor, perseverance, skill, and commitment to your customers, as well as one who enjoys an unequivocal passion for your business and industry. That's a model made for success. Thanks again, and again, and again. Please be sure to shoutout a big warm thank you to your outstanding crew members and office managers Jay, Jose, Christian, Amber and Chelsea who made working with you guys a delightful experience. Great job everyone!!!

Charlie & Lisa Robbins Avatar
Charlie & Lisa Robbins

Joe and his team at Red Star always do a prompt and thorough job. Our house was 30 years old when we purchased it and we knew the AC and furnaces were on their last legs but they always repaired them timely and efficiently and advised when they were ready to be replaced. The prices they provide for the replacements are very competitive for an excellent job and I have now replaced 2 furnaces and 1 AC with them. Highly recommend them to anyone in The Woodlands area.

Eric Kraus Avatar
Eric Kraus

Ryan came out to install a new UV Light. He did a quick installation and explained everything I need to know about this unit. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

William Gonzalez Avatar
William Gonzalez

Simply outstanding

David Bailey Avatar
David Bailey

This company is by far the best in Houston. I contacted them around 9pm on a Sunday and had someone at my house Monday morning at 9am. The technician was super friendly, and very knowledgeable, and explained everything to me to a “T”. He made sure that I understood what was wrong with the unit, showed me the parts, explained what he was going to do, and even cleaned the outside unit so l felt at ease. Within 30 mins he had my AC up and running and it’s blowing colder then before!!! I was even charged lower than what I was expecting to pay. This company is absolutely wonderful and I recommend them 1000%

Roni Morelos Avatar
Roni Morelos

Red Star is awesome! They have shown integrity in their business dealings and their work, we would highly recommend them. Great company!

GracePoint Fellowship Avatar
GracePoint Fellowship

Red Star is an excellent company and I would highly recommend only using them. I've had to call them several times and they always arrive within 2 hours of my phone call and get the job done right the first time. They are also very reasonable and you will not have to worry about being ripped off. They have never been overpriced and give you plenty of options to chose from. All the workers have been very nice and friendly and I always know they are honest and will do the job right!

Paula Smith Avatar
Paula Smith

Great service!!!! A/C tech Ryan knew what he was doing. He was not only fast but on time. Will be using this company again.

David Ruffin Avatar
David Ruffin

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